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In this section you will find information I have gathered and found useful. Included is information on feeding, useful articles covering a variety of topics, as well as other websites I frequent related to dogs.



We feed a combo raw and high quality kibble diet to maximize digestion and absorbtion of the essential nutrients and vitamins necessary for a happy, healthy dog. I will build this section out more over time. In the meantime, if you have any questions or need guidance starting a raw diet for your dog or puppy, please feel free to contact me directly. Below you will find a link to a Facebook group that provides guidance and invaluable information in their files.

Your best source for the raw portion of your dogs diet can be obtained from Raw Dog Express. They offer a variety of 100% balanced rolls of human grade, AAFCO approved, raw food. They also have products for those who want a more do-it-yourself feeding model. Check out their products on their website and follow their FB page for product updates, specials, order reminders, and informational posts on raw feeding!


We follow the 80/10/10 model, which consists of:

80% meat, sinew, ligaments, fat
10% edible bone
10% organ (5% liver and 5% other organ meat)


NEVER feed cooked bones of any type! When bones are cooked they can splinter and pierce the stomach or intestines. Raw bones are soft; bending as needed during digestion.

The kibble we use is Muenster Milling. It is very high quality, with limited ingredients.

They make innovative, extruded animal food from locally-sourced ingredients that allow for maximum

availability and absorption of nutrients so your animal can perform optimally and live a healthier life.


Our favorite line for raw fed dogs is their 1932 Flax Free Chicken Meal recipe.

For those not feeding raw, we recommend the Ancient Grains formulas
(excluding Perfect Balance and Large Breed formulas).

Coupon codes for discounts on your first order:

  • Allettare30 is good for 30% off your first order. 

  • Allettare55 coupon is good for 55% off your first custom order.
    Let me know if you have questions about customizing your order. New customers only.


Why Muenster?

  • Nutrient rich source of protein, minerals and amino acids

  • High protein and fat levels to help keep your dog lean

  • Zinpro Avail pet minerals – A great chelated mineral that makes minerals more digestible.
    Results in better digestive function and makes the coats shine.

  • 100% Complete and Balanced for the adult dog

  • Prebiotics and Diamond V Yeast to improve digestion

  • No peas, legumes or potatoes

  • No corn, wheat, or soy

  • No artificial flavors or preservatives


Here are some raw feeding resources:


Training Articles and Resources:


Health Articles:


Breeding Articles:


Conformation Handling Articles:



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