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2021 DPCA National

What an amazing DPCA National Allettare Dobermans had this year!


Thank you to everyone who brought their dogs, or let them come along, those who cheered us on, helped each day, and supported us through all of the long days of showing and events.

The National was kicked off with Regional Sweepstakes where Aurora and Marcus were both 2nd in their large 6-9 mos classes under Judge Michelle Kramer. During Regional Best of Breed, Neuma and Stella made the cut in their groups, under Judge Janet Van Wormer.

Granite completed his RI, RA, and CD at the National. Now his dam, Pie, is eligible for the Bronze Legacy Award next year!!

Karma and Ellen were presented the Top 20 OH ribbon at the Top 20 event Monday night.

Next up was Futurity judged by the one and only, Gwen DeMilta. Aurora won her HUGE (20+) 6-9m black b!tch class and went on to Best 6-9 month Puppy in Futurity! Rydr was 3rd in the 12-15 black class, Bleu won his 15+ class, Kizzy picked up 4th in 15+ AOAC. Then in Maturity Kali won her AOAC class and Stella was 4th!

With the National kicked off, Marcus competed in the 6-9m dog class and although he didn’t place, he made the cut where the class was narrowed down to the top 5, under Judge Phillip Martin.

Owner Handler Sweeps, under Judge Sue Korp, was another busy day with nearly all the dogs competing. Marcus and Aurora both won their 6-9m classes, another huge class for Aurora. Rydr picked up 3rd place, Neuma 3rd, and Kali 1st!

For National b!tches under Judge Bob Vandiver Kali won the BBE AOAC class of 8 and got to compete for WB. What an honor to win a class of beautiful bitches.

During Age Advanced Sweeps, under Judge Holly Schorr, Stella won the Senior Black bitches class and went on to Reserve Winners!

The final event of the trip was National BOB where Granite made the cut in the group, along with Stella and Kizzy who both made it all the way to the final! Kizzy showed like a champ and received an Award of Merit. There were 175 champions competing!

All the dogs who had echoes at the National passed with normal results too!


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