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GCHB Allettare Wild Night Ryder

Sire: GCH Element Rock of Ages "Lincoln"
Dam: GCH Allettare Goddess of the Sea CA "Cali"


DOB: August 29, 2020

Available at stud to approved bitches
(Live, Fresh Chilled, Frozen)

Located in Massachusetts


Health Testing:

#3 BbDD, No dilution


vWD Clear

2023 Holter Normal

2023 Echo Normal

DCM I Negative

DCM II Negative

Degenerative Myelopathy Clear


Narcolepsy Clear

OCA Clear

CAER Normal


Dobequest Profile Page

Rydr WKC TL_edited.jpg

Breeders: Angela Ferrari, Cindy Williams

Owners: Riva Margolies, Angela Ferrari

Rydr's Pedigree

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